Land Reform, Restitution & Tenure

The Land Reform Process as outlined in the National Development Plan (NDP) covers three key areas which include: (i) the redistribution of white-owned commercial farmland to the previously disadvantaged, (ii) the restitution of land, and (iii) land tenure reform.

Applicable acts are the Constitution s 25, Deeds Registries Act, Act No. 47 of 1937, State Land Disposal Act, Act No. 48 of 1961, Sectional Titles Act, Act No. 95 of 1986, Land Administration Act, Act No. 2 of 1995, Land Titles Adjustment Act, Act No. 111 of 1993, Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, Act No. 16 of 2013, Expropriation Act, Act 63 of 1975, Transformation of Certain Rural Areas Act, Act No. 94 of 1998, Property Valuation Act, Act No. 17 of 2014, Upgrading of Land Tenure Rights Act, Act No. 112 of 1991, Land Reform: Provision of Land and Assistance Act, Act No. 126 of 1993, Restitution of Land Rights Act, Act No. 22 of 1994, Land Reform (Labour Tenants) Act, Act No. 3 of 1996, Communal Property Associations Act, Act No. 28 of 1996, Land Survey Act, Act No. 8 of 1997, Extension of Security of Tenure Act, Act No. 62 of 1997, Distribution and Transfer of Certain State Land Act, Act No. 119 of 1993, Interim Protection of Informal Land Rights Act, Act No. 31 of 1996, Electronic Deeds Registration Systems Act 19 of 2019 and the Expropriation Bill, which failed to pass.